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Image of industrial generator outside of an office building surrounded by a fence.

Industrial Energy Systems

Strength that keeps businesses and communities running

From power plants and data centers to microgrid control, Kohler offers a unique portfolio of energy resiliency options unlike any other in the market.

KOHLER Power Systems

We design, engineer, and test every piece of KOHLER industrial energy systems – from generators and transfer switches to paralleling switchgear and controllers.

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Industrial Energy Systems Landing Page
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Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy provides distributed power plant solutions throughout the world with expertise in engineering, installation, and maintenance.

Energy Hub: Industrial Energy Systems
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Heila Technologies

Heila Technologies is pioneering the future of microgrids with a flexible, bottom-up design that ensures distributed energy resources operate reliably.

Energy Hub: Industrial Energy Systems
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Kohler Uninterruptible Power

Available in the U.K., Ireland, and Singapore, KOHLER Uninterruptible Power delivers uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for critical power protection.

Marine Generators

Tested, tried and proved to work. Kohler Marine Generators are built and engineered to provide quiet, dependable marine power.